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Website, webshop, social media, photo and videography & graphic design

In restaurant Dim Dining in Antwerp you will stay in a simple, sophisticated decor. On the one hand as a nod to Japanese simplicity, on the other hand to focus on Asian-Western dishes. The restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin star in 2022.

After the takeover by Jonas Kellens, we started building a custom website, including webshop and mailing template, where we perfectly implemented the corporate identity of the restaurant. We also took care of the graphic development of new menus and drink menus in Japanese style with Japanese bindings, unique Japanese paper and wood according to the house style of the restaurant.

Since the start of DIM Dining 2.0, we have been responsible for communication on social media and review sites. We regularly brainstorm about creative novelties together with Chef Simon van Dun and Jonas Kellens. Photos and videos are provided by our in-house photographer, after which we take care of the editing of videos.

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Thanks to the expertise of our partner Buroform.
– The result of another great collaboration.

Eating is a need, enjoying is an art.
– Sake gives a unique extra to the pure dishes.

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